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Fruit Vegetable Vacuum Frying Machine

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Product Description

Vacuum frying machine is widely used in the production and processing of fruit crisps, the whole process of core equipment.
Its vacuum 500Pa can be achieved, thereby reducing the frying temperature, enhanced heat transfer efficiency, saving energy, and the quality of the final product has also been improved.
High vacuum to avoid excessive infiltration of oil materials, so the final product more than other similar products are crisp and delicious.
The shape of chips is more flat and the color, flavor and nutrition are finer.
The content of oil is lower. It is an ideal vacuum fryer.


Model VF200
Processing input capcacity (material: Kg/batch)( approximately)  60~80 (120-160Kgs/H)
Basket volume(L) 192
Processing time(min/batch) Around 30
Vacuum degree(MPa)


(at water temperature 15℃)

– 0.096~0.098
Oil temperature(℃) Environment temp~120




Heating source steam
Steam consumption(Kg/h) 250
Interlining steam pressure( MPa) ≤0.2
Heat exchanger steam pressure(MPa) 0.4~0.5
Steam entrance(mm) DN40
  Steam exit (mm) DN25
Heating method Oil pump outside loop and interlayer
Deoiling speed n/min 0~300
Cooling water consumption(T/H) 25
Cooling water entrance/exit diameter(mm) DN50/DN50
Vacuum pump cooling water entrance(mm) DN20
power Volt 380V/3phase 60Hz
Total power(Kw) 22KW