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African Confucius Institute students perform for CRBC worker

time:2017-02-17 source:LianHuibrowse:83

African Confucius Institute students perform for CRBC workers

Students at the Confucius Institute of the University of Nairobi entertain construction workers for the Lantern Festival at the CRBC headquarters in Nairobi Kenya on Jan 11, 2017. EDITH MUTETHYA/CHINA DAILY.

China Roads and Bridge Corporation employees working on the Standard Gauge Railway project in Kenya were treated to performances by Confucius Institute students for the Lantern Festival.

During the event, students and teachers from the Confucius Institute of the University of Nairobi performed a variety of Chinese songs and dances, including one in the style of the Peking Opera female roles known as "Huadan" , Kungfu demonstration, Kuanban and Sanjuban which praised Mombasa-Nairobi Railway project.

The strong performances were met with lots of applause, laughter and cheers.

Speaking at the event which was held at the CRBC's headquarters in Nairobi, Professor Enos Njeru, who is head of the university's humanities and social science college, said the institute had grown steadily since being established in 2005.

"The institute has promoted cultural exchange between China and Kenya. The performances by the students is a clear indication that they understand the Chinese culture," he said.

The event was also attended by senior Chinese officials in the country including Guo Ce, from the Chinese embassy in Kenya.

The officials praised CRBC for giving its employees an opportunity to enjoy their culture through the performances. They also wished the employees, especially Chinese nationals, a happy lunar year and hoped to continue cooperation and friendship between Kenya and China.

The CRBC employees who spoke to China Daily said they enjoyed the performances.

"I have really enjoyed the performances by the Confucius Institute. In fact, it was beyond my expectation," Zhou Bin, one of the CRBC employees, said.

The Lantern Festival, which marks the first full moon of the new year, means the “last wild excitement” of the New Year.