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How does vacuum frying works?

time:2017-06-01 source:LianHuibrowse:117

How Do We Make Our Chips

The production process starts with fresh and ripe produce from local farmers to make our high quality fruit and vegetable chips. The benefits of using fresh and ripe produce means the highest nutritional qualities are retained in the finished product without the use of preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. The fresh produce is then processed through one of two technologically advanced method known as vacuum frying and vacuum drying.

Vacuum frying is a revolutionary way of cooking which rapidly removes the moisture from the fresh fruit and vegetables under reduced frying temperatures of less than 80 degrees Celsius. This results in a high quality fried product with as little as 2% absorption of oil compared to over 30% in traditional potato chips. Due to the lower frying temperatures, the original fresh flavors, nutrients and natural colors of the fruits and vegetables are retained, leaving a crispy, low in fat and high in fiber snack. For the vacuum frying Greenday uses rice bran oil; this is the world's healthiest oil. To date vacuum frying is relatively new to the Netherlands and rice bran oil has limited awareness.

Vacuum drying is an advanced cooking technology which uses low temperature between 22-40 degree Celsius to air dry the fresh produce in a low pressure environment. This process results in high quality crispy fruit and vegetables in which the fresh color, aroma and nutritional values are retained. These are chips you can eat all day without guilt.

Because eating healthy is FUN!        

Our current range included 7 vacuum fried and 6 vacuum dried varieties. However the total range is bigger and contains a number of even more exotic varieties. If you are interested in other varieties, such as taro, okra, pumpkin, mango and beetroot please contact us.