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  • Automatic continuous tensile aluminum foil on the cursor up and down the vacuum packaging machine
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After many years of research and development of our company DRZ-520, DRZ-420, DRZ-320 continuous stretch vacuum packaging machine, rewrite the history of the country's 20 years of imported equipment, completely replace imports.
A, use: suitable for all kinds of leisure food, soy products, meat products, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, pickles, meat, medical products, medical equipment and other hardware components, vacuum, inflatable, packaging.
Two, control system: using Japan's MITSUBISHI upgrade to the latest version (3G-60MT) programmable controller, MITSUBISHI servo or MITSUBISHI inverter speed, MITSUBISHI touch screen and MITSUBISHI temperature module, used in Japan, Europe, Taiwan and other electrical appliances. With the perfect safety protection measures, with fault alarm and fault analysis of the reasons for the reduction and step by step function.
Three, function:
1 photoelectric tracking using the United States imported Bonner universal type, you can choose the color cover film or light film packaging, high accuracy, reduce costs, improve product grade.
2 the use of a combination of easy mold replacement, a multi-purpose machine, mold has a cooling system, the overall mold for the aluminum plate leakage type, the product of the formation of vacuum heat seal with good results.
3 according to the user requirements of product packaging, equipped with automatic coding or coding system.
4 according to the user's product packaging requirements, on the basis of vacuum, can be filled with nitrogen or mixed gas packaging.
5 equipped withworld classoriginal germanvacuum pump (Pu Xu and Rietschle), high vacuum, stable quality, reliable and durable.
6 the Taiwan chain stretch forming is applied to various thickness of the film, die and die half, can carry out special packaging.
7 have a corner waste recycling system to maintain environmental hygiene.
8 the use of advanced computer system, cross cutting, slitting knife adjustment.