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Food Processing Machine
  • Fully automatic liquid filling machine
  • Product model:GZJ-5500
  • Working voltage:380V
  • Working temperature:5-30
  • power:5.5KW


The fully automatic edible oil filling machine adopts the principle of flow meter quantification and is equipped with a high-level tank for easy material replacement. Each head can achieve independent control and can be used for filling vegetable oils such as peanut oil, corn oil, olive oil, etc. It has the advantages of simple operation, low errors, convenient installation and adjustment, less equipment cleaning workload, and low maintenance costs, making it an ideal equipment for edible oil production.
1、 Product Introduction:
1. Adopting a 2 ‰ high-precision Roots flowmeter paired with a high-precision pulse encoder. Taiwan Delta programmable controller PLC and Taiwan Weilun touch screen terminal ensure accurate and reliable filling process;
2. Full Chinese color human-machine control interface, intuitive and easy to set device parameters;
3. The filling head is equipped with an independent vacuum return device, and the grease in the filling nozzle is uniformly recycled;
4. Fast and slow dual speed filling capacity, no foaming during the filling process, and no material overflow;
5. All electrical accessories are made of world-renowned brands, which operate stably and are durable;
6. The conveyor belt can operate with dual track separation, with independent filling and capping, resulting in high efficiency;
2、 Product features:
1. Accurate filling without dripping
2. Convenient and fast bottle replacement adjustment
3. Compatible with multiple bottle types, versatile for one machine
4. Special pipeline, convenient for material replacement and cleaning
5. Whole machine sealing operation, safety and hygiene
6. Dual speed filling, more stable and non foaming
7. Food grade material conveying pipeline, without plasticizer components
8. Made of high-quality stainless steel material, trustworthy
9. The equipment has fewer vulnerable parts and lower maintenance costs
10. Brand circuit system, durable and long-lasting