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Sterilization Retort/Autoclave
  • Spray type sterilization pot
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A variety of spray forms to meet the different needs of customers
1, high temperature sterilization. A small amount of process water cycle quickly, to achieve a predetermined sterilization temperature, no need to exhaust before warming, compared with the traditional steam sterilizer 30%;
2, sterilization temperature and pressure independent control. Can meet various requirements of packaging on sterilization (cans, glass jars, soft package, PP bottle, etc.) so as to improve equipment utilization, and save unnecessary duplication of investment;
3, indirect cooling. The cooling water does not contact with the process water, avoids the two pollution of the food, and does not need to deal with the cooling water;
4, the sterilization process by PLC automatic control, reactor temperature control in the heat distribution of plus or minus 0.5 degrees Celsius, multi heating stage, energy saving; equipped with F-measure measurement function; can be stored 100 sterilization formula;
5, the process of water preheating system can ensure that the hot filling of the product has been continuously warming process;
6, steam sterilization function can be selected; automatic door, side door can be selected;
7, the whole sterilization process in strict accordance with the pre-set process formula is automatically completed, the formula with multi-level password, put an end to the possibility of misoperation;
8, after the power failure, the program can automatically restore to the state before power off;
9, the kettle body with aluminum silicate cotton and polyurethane foam insulation, reducing the heat loss of the kettle body, saving steam energy, meet the requirements of low carbon low emission;
10, the kettle has three high safety interlock device, can effectively prevent the misoperation of workers, to avoid the occurrence of accidents;
11, the use of double safety valve and dual pressure sensor control, to eliminate hidden dangers.
Full function retort suitable for all kinds of high temperature packaging materials:
1, plastic containers: PP bottles, HDPE bottles.
2, soft bag packaging: aluminum foil bag, transparent bag, vacuum bag, high temperature cooking bag, etc..
3, metal containers: tinplate cans, aluminum cans.
4, glass container.