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Sterilization Retort/Autoclave
  • Zongzi digester Marinated egg cooker Soy digester
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Characteristics of vacuum vertical digester:
1, the use of cyclic steam indirect heating coil, making the temperature more uniform.
2, cooking material when the pot soup does not need to be removed, can be used continuously, saving energy.
3, the pot body with external insulating layer, the heat dissipation and avoid high temperature burn operation.
4, the structure of the door to the past bolted flange connection fixed type hydraulic quick opening. And the installation of photoelectric limit, interlock, interlock function.
5, the pot door for sealing, installation photoscope to facilitate the timely supplement soup in the pot limit water level.
6, a number of equipment sharing a hydraulic station, operation can be a single operation, save space and reduce costs.
Marinated Egg dumplings cooking pot cooking pot bean cooking pot for high pressure stainless steel vacuum cooker energy-saving cooking pot